The Reason Why A Plus harshly insults Halifax on Live TV (Video)


A Plus is a coward and very self-centred person whose cry for better governance from the Akufo Addo led NPP party has been exposed as agenda to enrich himself and not for the sake of the ordinary Ghanaian citizen who is wallowing in severe poverty.

Recall that this same A Plus who was the very first person to condemn and censure Hon. Ken Agyapong for threatening to beat a journlast but today he thinks it’s right for him to subject Halifax to public humiliation just because his ego was bruised.

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We were all expecting the leader of the TPP movement to wittily answer the simple question from Halifax because he has always prided himself as a very wise person but as arrogant as he is, he resorted to insults to cover up his hypocritical lifestyle.

Halifax’s only crime was to ask Kwame Aplus why he failed to attend the #Fixthecountry demo because he is known to be one of the leading forces behind the movement.

A Plus who decorated his reply with sheer arrogance and disrespect stated that he did not attend the demonstration because he was busy selling Dzata cement, and that he does not jog or walk on the street for exercise, thus his decision not to participate in the street demonstration.

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As the conversation grew more intense, he lost his mind and invited insults to continue the work for him.

Check out the video below to know more…

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