Man’s Courageous Proposal Rejected in Public; lady runs away from him in Video


  • A local man has asked social media users whether they prefer public or private proposals – The Twitter user added a gut-wrenching video of a proposal rejection to his viral post – Most people definitely sympathised with the burnt man and took to the comments section to share their thoughts A viral video currently circulating online has social media users asking whether public proposals really are the way to go. @IAm_Ntsiki took to Twitter to share the gut-wrenching clip that had onlookers feeling very sorry for the rejected man.

In the video, it’s clear the man has put a lot of effort into planning the big day. A hopeful crowd and expectant onlookers gather around as the man makes his move, slowly getting on one knee and popping out the ring.

His lover, however, is quick to dismiss the proposal and runs away. Left alone, the inconsolable man is comforted by a long line of empathetic bystanders.

@IAm_Ntsiki captioned the post: ”Gents would you propose in public like this? Ladies would you accept this kind of proposal or do you prefer it being done in private?” People did not hesitate to share their thoughts on the clip and had mixed reactions to the question asked. Check out some of their comments below: @Mercy_Made_Me: “The way that people just started going to him really got me.” @Suzan_Ramos41: “This is heartbreaking” @ClassiqueDeeSA: “When total strangers went to console him, touching” @marvin_H96: “I wish a courageous lady would just walk to him and put her hand out for him to put the ring and they can live happily ever after” @ntshingaling: “Ndicede mna, don’t propose in public. Ndza ku shiya apho” @THAPELO69713815: “I for one would do it privately cuz wow” @BVandau: “Abusers are manipulative like this they put u in a corner so u have no way out” “Serves him right, what is he doing?” Meanwhile, it was previously reported a local stunner has Mzansi all the way in our feelings after taking to social media to share amazing snaps of her recent ‘girlfriend proposal’. Lavish proposals like the one @sedzz_z shared on her Twitter post are usually saved for those getting married, but her wonderful boyfriend clearly saved no expense making sure the occasion was special. In the adorable pictures, her man had decked the table with candles, wine, balloons and a stunning white plate with the words “Will you be my girlfriend?” written in scrumptious brown chocolate. Beautiful gifts were also prepared for the very special lady. In one image, @sedzz_z later puts on display the beautiful assortment of gifts she just received, probably marvelling at the gifts on her way to dream about her wonderful man. Most people found the post absolutely beautiful and shared their opinions in the comments section. Check out what they had to say below:

@ravvennmorris: “Some people have it nice out here.” @gifafo: “Yall ain’t getting this… The only proposal we know is ‘Thabo we’ve been nyobing for weeks, WHAT ARE WE?’ ” @sir_mprst: “You think I’m going to do this when I have your number? If you give me your number you’re my girlfriend.” @YandaDlala: “What if all of us want you to be our gf?” @MSHANGASE: “Father, can You hear me?” @MaropengPaball0: “Must do this one for my girlfriend.”

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