Little Girl Wows Ghanaians As She Was Captured Preparing ‘Fufu’ With Her Father (+Video)


Most children learn by observing what they see. In view of that, all adults are advised to always do a good thing when the children are around.

A little girl of probably two or three years has been captured in video assisting the father to prepare ‘fufu’. It appears the girl has always been watching the mother and the father every day as they pound the fufu.

This means that if the parents are found of doing wrong or bad things whiles the child is present, she would have copied it easily. Watching the video closely, she picks the boiled cassava and plantain one after the other a put it in the mortar as the father pound it.

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Most Ghanaians after coming across this video were wowed that a little girl at that age could be doing this work so perfectly. Some said that the girl is a smart kid because even children above her age cannot do what she is doing.

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You Can Watch The Video HERE
The Video HERE
The Video HERE

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